I have to confess, designer handbags are my passion and I know I can depend on Sofia al Asfoor for subtle luxury and the finest quality. We already reported on young and talented Sofia a year ago – her creations leave nothing to be desired!

She has looked deep into our feminine souls. Women who carry her bags are spontaneous, fun-loving, creative and sometimes a bit chaotic.  Active and independent, they know exactly what interests them and how to enjoy life. They want to enjoy opulence and for them, a handbag is a mobile beauty salon, an emergency kit and a pharmacy.  A fashion accessory that can double as a reliable bodyguard!

Alfred Hitchcock showed the symbiotic relationship between handbag and wearer in his 1954 film Rear Window. Grace Kelly discovers the final clue to the murder of her neighbour when she realises the woman’s handbag has been hanging on the bedpost in her apartment for days. She concludes that a woman would never leave the apartment without it, because, says Kelly, only death can separate a woman from her favourite bag.

In the 1970s and 1980s, fashion designers began to launch handbag collections – styling without a handbag? Unthinkable! For film stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron, or women like you and me, a handbag is an integral part of our wardrobe. All women want to adorn themselves with the hottest handbags of the season.

We are happy to show you some of the most coveted handbags from Sofia – please feel free to add them to your personal wish list!


Commanding excellence, she prevails with a distinct construction to make a statement of rare immaculate beauty that can’t be contained.”  


She Conquers. She Guards. She Honors.”

Classic Signature Sofia Al Safoor


The Signature style is an iconic symbol of bravery, a declaration of opulence that captures the mind, heart and soul.”


“A graceful statement by day, a declaration of elegance by night, the Lafina style interlaces the finest traits of pure Opulence. So forceful, she gracefully demands to be ethereal.”


With its feature tassel, the Borla style evokes a symbol of protection originating in Arabia, where a tassel was mystically worn to protect. She stands strong, reviving history to make her own traditions.”

Classic Borla Sofia Al Safoor


As night falls, lines of refined power come together and a moment of recreation is conjured. Grasping all elements that transcend powerful elegance, magnifcently clutched, sensually in her hand”.


“Confidently poised, she stands proud in the midst of legends.”


The Signature style is unique statement of who she is. For infinity she is celebrated for how she has become a symbol of rare and exotic feminine power.”


Magnificently she emerges to make her own”

Handbags by Sofia Al Safoor


The journey does not end after the Shield is made. It is only the beginning – Now it is your journey.”


Every piece is sealed with a Coat of Arms, a bold and precious emblem of what has gone before and what is to come. Cultivating a power that is meant for a greater cause. Choose your preference from a range of solid precious metals and diamonds.


A luxurious handcrafted box is tailor made to your order by the eye of the expert and the hand of the artisan. Made with calf leather on the outside and soft suede leather on the inside, both in the Sofia Al Asfoor signature blue. Reach for your key and unlock a new world of luxury.

Sofia Display Box

A favourite piece for every occasion, it is hard to make a decision, isn’t it? I’ve made mine, what’s yours?

For enquiries and bespoke orders please visit Sofia’s website. You can also follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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All images courtesy and © Sofia Al Asfoor

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