If you are looking to experience the tastes and flavours of Italy, look no further than Viva Dolce Vita for your made-to-order packages.

Isn’t it frustrating that the beautiful things we associate with Italy are often difficult to bring home with us after our trip? Too many restrictions on flights, lack of space in luggage, too cumbersome to carry.

Think of olive oil, wine, the Dolce Vita, music … wouldn’t you just love to be able to recreate the fabulous Mediterranean atmosphere throughout the year and indulge your friends, family, and yourself ?

grappolino_01This is where Viva Dolce Vita comes in. They can help you experience the Italy you so love from afar with tailor made gift baskets, excursions and much more to help you fall in love with the country all over again!

They visit local producers, select the best products and take care of decoration, packing and dispatch, whether for personal presents or business gifts. Tailor made to suit your requests, you just need to let them know exactly what you want!

Decide for yourself: for men, for example, why not consider some bottles of Rossese, Pigato, Vermentino and/or liqueurs, chocolates, or (perhaps) a visit to the Monaco Yacht Show or one of the local rallies?

Or for the ladies, maybe some olive oil from Vittorio Cassini, chocolates, or a beauty weekend with plenty of relaxation and shopping? Or a cookery course for him and her? As you can see, the possibilities are endless, but Viva Dolce Vita will make it their priority to look after it for you.

With the clocks changing again shortly, our minds turn to summer. Let Viva Dolce Vita be your first port of call for original and ideal summer packages and gifts to suit all tastes, and all budgets. They will also give you some practical guidance and some inspiration.

Viva Dolce Vita also organise trips to Trentino Alto Adige, where you can experience a little bit of Germany in Italy – ideal for both German and English speakers. Trips from Italy to Germany, and Germany to Italy are also available. Just contact Viva Dolce Vita today to discuss your requirements. Remember, there’s no better time for visiting potential locations and planning your tailor made summer vacation!

Viva Dolce Vita
Riviera dei Fiori

Tel: 00 39 333 932 6627


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