Arlene, a new animated short, with a message for us all – Sometime, somewhere, you have a dream, an ambition, follow that dream…

DaM Animations, the creative force behind the new animated short movie, ‘Arlene’, is a collaboration between our friends Daria Jabenko and Mike Colquhoun. They created this venture with a goal of producing short inspirational animations with a strong positive message.

Daria is a well known illustrator whose work includes magazine covers and commercial illustrations having a strong individual elegant style. She was born in Moscow though now she splits her time between Toronto and Nice, where she met Mike.

Mike is an artist and photographer who has now made his home in Nice. He grew up in the USA after which he spent many years in London.

Arlene animated short movie poster

Mike and Daria decided to join their passion for creativity and collaborate to create animated movies that will inspire people. They followed their dream and created the first of these movies – ‘Arlene’.

Anna Giladi, composer and writer of Russian origin living in the USA has composed the music together with the initial script for narration provided by Mike, based on Daria and Mike’s storyboard. This collaboration created ‘Arlene’ an inspirational short animation.


The animation also has the recent honour of having been officially selected for the upcoming 2014 Angel Film Awards at the Monaco International Film Festival. We wish both Daria and Mike the very best of luck with ‘Arlene’. Kudos!

All images courtesy DaM Animations




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