The Promenade du Paillon was officially opened in Nice today, with all the pomp and circumstance that one would expect of such an occasion.

Two years and a whole lot of disruption for the city of Nice, but today the much anticipted inauguration of the Coulée Verte took place, with all the dignatories from Ville de Nice in place to take the plaudits.

After the mandatory speeches, the new water feature was unveiled in the Forum Jacques Médecin, adjacent to Place Masséna, with a spectacular water jet show. Further entertainment was on offer in various other parts of the new Promenade du Paillon, and we know that we are safe in saying that this new parkland will definitely remain a big hit with locals and visitors alike.

And some moving images of the day too…drones away!

Promenade du Paillon (La Coulée Verte)
du Théâtre de Verdure à MAMAC
06300 Nice

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All photographs © Riviera Buzz


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