“Our retreats are the real deal – no filter, but pure, honest and deeply transformational. Even the photos of us are unfiltered. The retreat gives you a taste and insight into how powerful you are when connected with your true intuitive self.”

…so say the two innovative thinking women behind BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEKEND, Emilie and Lena.

They continue

BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEKEND is a profound experience of who your authentic honest self is, incorporating your intuition through the Art-Mind-Body concept. People will undergo a sustainable change that is not seen on other retreats that often only concentrate on one practice.”


Holistic, authentic and transformational are the key words and drivers for the two women who decided to create their own and unique retreat, BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEKEND, by mixing the worlds and powers of art, intuition, nature, meditation, yoga and chi gong, wellbeing and coaching to create new and long-lasting resources and possibilities for their clients.

Set in dazzling surroundings in the world-famous mountains of Southern France, BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEKEND is a luxury experience for all the human senses – all taking place in beautiful private luxury villas catering to both mind, body and soul.


We have created a unique Art-Mind-Body concept for women only that really makes people leave a BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEKEND retreat with clear intention, transformed to live an authentic life, empowered and happier than when they arrived. We have created a retreat that stimulates and works with all our human senses: we get creative to re-connect with our intuition, we meditate, we hike, we dance, we use the body in a both healing and energizing way doing yoga/tai-chi/qi-gong. We enjoy delicious meals prepared by expert chefs with local produce and of course, sipping champagne by the pool in a luxury private villa with the stunning backdrop of the Côte d’Azur.

Authenticity is the key and that is also why they have uniquely chosen to use pictures that are #nofilter.

Founders of BFW - Lena & Emilie

Both Emilie (Czech/Danish background) and Lena (Danish background) have lived the concept, following their intuition and dreams. They have worked and lived around the world and they both have challenged themselves in profound personal- and career shifts. Emilie left her corporate career in the field of leadership development to open an art gallery on the Côte d’Azur and thereby experienced the impact that art has on people. Lena is a global executive, leadership and performance coach based in New York, Copenhagen and Cannes, with a proven track record of enabling her clients to perform better – be it reaching their personal and/or professional goals as well as getting closer to living a life being truer to themselves.


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All photos courtesy BOHEMIAN FOR A WEEKEND

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