TJ Reilly writes pacy international thrillers that are tightly written and move fast. He has honed his writing over the years having been a fan of Ludlum and Childs.

TJ was, and is, an avid reader. The energy behind the thrillers he was reading called to him, which turned him from reader to author. He realised that there was a formula in the thrillers that he could emulate to an extent and at the same time, and more importantly, introduce his own characters that were not Jack Reachers or Jason Bournes, rather a less outrageous character that was more real and human.

In some ways TJ’s move from California where he was based, though he travelled all over the US, is very like his character’s journey. TJ is not part of a deep state government organisation, reading his books makes you feel that he has insider knowledge … then again. However, he does a lot of research though he doesn’t go in for the over-procedural story telling of so many thrillers. The object is to give the reader a flavour of the action and the romance whilst keeping the plot firmly based in the world that readers will understand.

TJ Reilly books

When TJ is not writing, this is not often, his indulgence and passion is golf. He loves golf. On the Riviera he has played many courses, most weekends, and enjoys being in the open air. He finds that the cost of playing is much more than in the US; however, the courses make up for it even though they can be hilly, the area is at the base of the Alps after all. Annoyingly he has a bad knee which necessitates a golf cart for some courses which he finds is very expensive. That said, he loves being outdoors in the superbly fresh air!

TJ’s books are accessible through his website.

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All photos courtesy TJ Reilly

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