The Nice Jazz Festival got underway last night in the revamped Jardin Alber 1er, certainly setting the standard for the remainder of the week!

First time? What’s it like? It is a festival. This means a lot of people. This means a lot of queuing for drinks followed by a queue a tad later to de-drink (ok, pay a visit to the appropriate WC). Early on it is great, people can spread out in the apparent belief this state of affairs will be it – not so, there are more people who will arrive and more after that.

All said, the crowd is a happy one, especially so when bathed in the balmy air with a gentle breeze wafting about (bit lyrical, sorry). Good standing viewpoints in the main arena and seats in the theatre area do come free, so getting comfortable is not impossible. As the evening wears on then maybe resigning oneself to a distant view is a good idea as, one major plus, the sound quality is wonderful – you miss nothing of the music.

So, no way is it club personal then on the other hand it is a huge festival with great sound quality – you get what you want, to hear stuff live and brother that is HUGE. One day is enough right? Uh, no. I am going back. Enjoy it for what is is, a high quality, very popular event that isn’t mega scale or rough in any way. You could pay 3 times as much and get far less, so be grateful, buy a ticket and GO!

Nice Jazz Festival 2013

The stage at Nice Jazz Festival

Performing at Nice Jazz Festival 2013

Mr. Pianoman at Nice Jazz Festival 2013

Close ups at Nice Jazz Festival 2013

More live jazz in Nice

Live jazz from Nice Jazz Festival 2013

Performing at Nice Jazz Festival 2013

Sax solo at Nice Jazz Festival 2013

Good attendance at the 2013 Nice Jazz Festival

Couple at Nice Jazz Festival 2013

Young women enjoying Nice Jazz Festival 2013

The crowds at Nice Jazz Festival 2013

All photographs © Mike Colquhoun


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