All week, B Spot in Nice are running their After Hours event, featuring new and established musicians jamming together until the wee hours!

Let’s face it sometimes you simply want more! Yes, Yes, Yes …. not sure where you were going – I am talking about Jazz. There is the festival, very enjoyable and all that, though now you are in the mood you want to take it further – you want more Oliver. Solution – go somewhere afterwards. Ok, chi chi types will be mixing it on the beach which is fine if you have an invitation and it is your scene. There is another choice – go to the les After Hours at the B Spot. Lured by free entry plus the promise of live music from Chicago’s Joe Hurt and a plethora of guests I did just that. I went. I enjoyed!

Hands up it is a slow burn from 10:30 until midnight, nice and relaxing then things start to get buzzier as the place fills. The jamming begins. The guests take the stage. Singers, trumpet player, trombone player … all delivering great music with enthusiasm. Fact is that when you leave in the small hours it feels like way earlier, the energy is contagious! Be warned. This is one of those rare times that you think wouldn’t it be nice to grab an early breakfast in Soho – hmm, on the other hand 2:30am isn’t that late actually ….

This after hours stuff is all absolutely great news if you haven’t any work to do. Alas, some of us do – no, really. A week of late nights is a small price to pay for the battery top up that the music provides. As I say, the energy is contagious. Even if jazz is not your bag this is a fantastic opportunity to mix with a huge range of people, nice friendly people too. The performers are so amiable, accessible plus they all have such interesting stories – it’s great.

It is not too late ….. you will be glad you found the stamina for more! Jazz up your life!  

Joe hurt on piano at the B Spot in Nice

After Hours at the B Spot in Nice

Alexandra Miller performing at the B Spot in Nice

More jazz action from the After Hours at the B Spot in Nice

After Hours at the B Spot in Nice

Some B Spotters in Nice!

More action from After Hours in B Spot in Nice

Some of the musicians who performed at After Hours in B Spot in Nice

After Hours at the B Spot in Nice

All photographs © Mike Colquhoun


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