Pulp Fiction, located in the very buzzy Place du Pin, is fast becoming the place to be seen –  we think you should check it out now!

What can I say about Pulp Fiction? Is it just a café, a bar du quartier? Yes and no. Situated a stone’s throw from the likes of Gossip Bar and Déli Bo, together with a few restaurants, (which will very soon be many, many, restaurants), in an area that is truly Nice’s newest hotspot, this is a place to experience. The surrounding area has many other notable names too, such as the Roselina and le Bon Œil.

Pulp Fiction attracts great people, a real mixture with a definite bohemian arty touch. So it is an ideal place to people watch or simply feel being somewhere in, chic and au point. Ogle the odd Harley. Ogle the interesting clientèle and the owners. This is a great upside, considering the prices are those you pay anywhere in Nice, no surprises here. No large bills. The usual drinks you expect with some specials on wines and cocktails – nothing mind blowing.

The bar at Pulp Fiction in Nice

Pulp Fiction Saloon in Nice

Décor wise it is urban, a bit Parisian. It isn’t the sort of place that stands out as being very different to any of the other new bars such, as the refurbished Estaban. That said, it feels comfortable, an easy place to pass some time. So if you want to be on your own, that is cool, if you want to talk, then there is no problem with doing that either.

The thrones at Pulp Fiction Saloon in Nice

Think about going to Pulp Fiction in the afternoon and while away some time in a black throne-shaped chair outside, perhaps a pre-dinner drink or an after dinner libation to wind down the evening. Downside – no downside here. It is a feel-good place with good background music too that matches well with the crowd that gathers there.

Get to know the place, the people and the quartier, you will be glad you did. 

Pulp Fiction bar in Nice

Pulp Fiction Saloon
7, rue Emmanuel Philibert
06300 Nice

Tel: 04 93 55 25 35

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