Local fashionista Marie Fiorin has recently launched a new line of body chains as part of her popular Marilicious Jewelry collection.

Marie Fiorin grew up on the French Riviera. After having spent the best part of 10 years traveling and working as a celebrity fashion stylist, she came back to her roots and decided to create her own fashion and style brand, Marilicious.

Alongside the well established marilicious.com, the shopping, style and beauty guide, there’s now Marilicious Jewelry, which launched last month with its capsule collection of body chains.

When I styled clients or when I put an outfit together for myself, jewelry is always the very last touch. It makes or breaks a look and really helps you dressing up or dressing down your outfit, setting its tone and totally defining your ‘style of the day’. That’s why I created the Marilicious Jewelry line, to make your outfit stand out. Plus, I feel totally naked without any jewelry on!” says Marie.

She continues “When I made my first body chain for Marilicious Jewelry I seriously didn’t expect this piece of body jewelry to be so versatile. Not only can body chains be worn in so many different occasions, but they suit so many different personalities and age groups!”

Marilicious body chains launched February 2015
Marie’s new collection of body chains are inspired by the ancient and mighty Goddesses of beauty – Aphrodite, Venus, Freya, and Isis. It celebrates both strength and femininity and it is created for the deliciously powerful and sexy gal.

So, go on, ladies, make your statement. Reveal your delicious inner Goddess!

Marilicious Goddess body chains names


All images courtesy Marie Fiorin


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