Ella Dyer is very soft spoken, her kindness and warmth are echoed in her voice. Hailing from LA, Ella has settled in Nice and is part and parcel of the fabric that makes Nice, Nice.

She has so many facets that it is difficult to hang a specific label on her. What she excels at is bringing people together and creating community. She is a part of Nice and can be frequently seen with her petite companion Miss Simone, a very pampered Chihuahua.

The bringing people together is ably demonstrated by Ella creating, with others, the Meet the Authors event which is now in its 10th year. These events have grown and grown over the years. The idea is to bring authors together who have written books with a Côte d’Azur aspect to them. That said, she has welcomed authors such as Craig Carlson of Breakfast in America fame, a restauranteur turned author, whose books about his Parisian restaurants are best sellers. I have had the privilege and will have again to join this tenth edition of Meet the Authors on 1 June at Oscars, 15 rue Massena.

Meet the Authors

Ella did not discuss, saving it for a future chat, her new non-profit association which has been set up. Totally community focussed and there to help women. It is under the umbrella of the original New York Based Junior League and will be called the Junior League of the Côte d’Azur, web site in creation. This is quite an achievement for Ella and her associates as it will be the first of group created in France, in fact, in the EU.

Her book, Nice in Nice, is available on Amazon, a delight to read. It is very Ella which is warm, fun and open, written in an engaging style – here is the link Nice in Nice: The day-to-day musings of a middle-aged housewife living “part-time” in the South of France. (English Edition). It is timeless and recommended.

Ella Book Cover

I can recommend Ella to film producers as she is extremely photogenic and wonderful to work with on set!

another grey line

All images courtesy Ella Dyer

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