Top Marques Monaco, the premier supercar and luxury goods show, got underway today in the Grimaldi Forum, and certainly delivered on all its promises!

It has been said that the age of the super car is long gone – this is so, so, not so! Top Marques Monaco proves that the super car is alive, very much kicking and what is more, it is developing. That said Top Marques Monaco is not just about cars, no no no, it is about luxury – jewels, watches, furnishings, real road hog motorcycles, motorised surf boards, fashion, boats, helicopters … the list goes on.

A new idea this year was a beautiful piece of genuine antique furniture that contains an awesome safe – elegant and useful. There is also a stand with superb artefacts that are still in private hands – wonderfully evocative items. Although there is a lot of jewelry and watches, there is an element of understandable paranoia about theft so no photos though believe me the stuff glitters and shines like crazy!

Cars wise, there is a return to loud colours, although there were no wildly painted cars on show, which is a pity. That said what was on show was low, sleek and clearly fast in the main. Tired of that top of the range Porsche that doesn’t do it for you? Then check out a Gemballa – from Porsche through Gemballa’s hands and back into your happy hands – cool.

The luxury fittings on the high security mini-bus type cars is getting wild in a nice way. Handsome woods, beautiful leathers together with all the extras a limo has and more, I particularly liked the built in umbrella compartments for those being transported in less sunny climes.

007 Aston Martin
James Bond 007 Aston Martin DB10
The latest Aston Martin of Spectre fame together with the 007 Superlegera – two gleaming silver beauties. Tesla’s 7 seater which draws a crowd, not sure why, to be honest. Two new super sporty Jaguars. Some makes that were new to me which included a stainless steel one that, as with all such cars, needs continual polishing … it was gorgeous all the same.

Outside with the luxurious helicopter, is a very sexy boat that transforms into no less than 4 other types of boat, which I have no doubt will be equally as sexy, looks fast, and for sure will be fast.

Helicopter at Top Marques MonacoBoat at Top Marques Monaco
So, once again Top Marques Monaco hits the mark by being an enjoyable, fun place to be. You will find something beautiful to salivate over!

The 13th edition of Top Marques Monaco continues at the Grimaldi Forum until Sunday, 17th, April. Tickets may be purchased online.

Top Marques Monaco 2016
Grimaldi Forum

10, avenue Princesse Grace
98000 Monaco

Tel: +377 99 99 20 00


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All photos © Mike Colquhoun


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