Quite how I arranged to pitch up at the superb Les Terrasses d’Èze on a cloudy day given there has been abundance of good days with wall to wall sun for the past few months!

I was delighted to find that it was full with visitors from many countries – the licence plates on the exotic cars sprinkled around the car park testified to that. The plan was to catch up with Firoz Kassam, the owner of the hotel, and artist Ken Holmes. The plan worked and I did both!

Firoz (pictured below) has a great track record in hotel and hospitality in London and the UK. He acquired the hotel as he simply could not resist its obvious appeal. Firoz wanted ‘something to do’ having moved down to the beautiful Côte d’Azur.  Taking on a 4 star hotel of 87 rooms and suites, large restaurant, bars plus a spa is, in my opinion, more than just ‘something to do’. 

Firoz of Les Terrasses d'Èze

Terrasses d'Èze

Without doubt it is situated in an amazing location high up with breathtaking views which would be great from any of the 87 rooms, as they all have balconies. A hotel is a hotel is a hotel so what makes Les Terrasses d’Èze different? I mentioned the views but lots of places have views. Ah, but do they have an outdoor pool, an infinity one which you will have surmised, and an indoor one. Yes, it boasts a lovely indoor pool. That’s not all, there is a gorgeous and popular spa with a long list of facilities – aroma therapy showers, a flotation room, steam room, obviously a lovely sauna, a cold room (puzzles me too) topped off with some well equipped calming restorative treatment rooms. The treatment rooms are very, very Zen with a range of therapies available. The rooms come in singles and doubles. You can feel that sense of peace on calm just being there.

Back upstairs there is the restaurant offering stunning views, a smart contemporary bar and on a lower floor, by the pool, a bio bar! The hotel also offers a pétanque court, tennis courts and outdoor yoga areas. Whatever you want, it’s covered!

What about the artist, Ken Holmes? Your patience is now rewarded. Ken is an amazing guy. Four short years ago he took up a paintbrush and started work on some mega canvasses. In his first year he sold over 100 of his works which in anyone’s book is a feat!  Ken is a really nice down to earth person with a very happy disposition. Surely he had a background in the arts to create such super work in a short space of time? Actually he didn’t. The talent was lurking there all the time while he was busy being an engineer with Rolls Royce cars which he still does today.

So, what has this got to do with the hotel? Good question.  Ken is currently displaying 5 of his artworks there. It’s a brilliant setting for them and definitely worth checking out.

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Les Terrasses d’Èze
1138, route de la Turbie
06360 Èze Village

Tel: +33(0)4 93 29 80 68

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All photos courtesy Mike Colquhoun

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