A new show is now in development for a reality docu-series about the luxury lifestyles of Ultra High Net Worth Individuals holidaying during the summer months on the French Riviera.

The producers and casting agents for the series are looking for people who work within the luxury market, especially if they have experience working in high-end properties or villas in the region.

Local company, Experience The French Riviera, is currently working with this team from a very prominent production company based out of the United States in helping to cast individuals who would like to be a part of this project, and from there it will go into production.

Since the casting call is out, here are a few of the requirements:

– Must currently live in France (preferably on the Côte d’Azur)
– Can be of any nationality but must have all proper working papers for France
– Speak very good English (written and oral) as this is an American production and primary audience
– Any age, race, and sex
– Looks are great but your true personality will take you further

Important: Filming will take place mostly around villas and those that spend their vacation in them. Those ideal candidates that go to the top of the list will already have experience with working on such properties and/or currently does work in the luxury market within the French Riviera for UHNWI’s.

An example of what they are looking for includes: top chefs, host/hostess, driver, personal protection service, event planner, personal assistant, management, waiter/waitress, housekeeper, gardener, fitness trainer, maintenance, and so on. Basically whatever a client would need or a property would require for their stay that makes it all-encompassing, manageable, memorable, and pleasant.

Casting call
A bonus on your behalf is if you have a vibrant social media network such as Instagram to show the casting agents … think Bloggers and Influencers, anyone that is already comfortable in front of a camera.

Filming will take place in and around luxury properties over an estimated 7-10 week filming period with plenty of fun and extracurricular activities on offer (beach parties, yachts, restaurants).

Time is of the essence, so submit your information now; this will be a paid opportunity for the right candidates so serious applicants need only apply please. References and everything else will be verified before proceeding.

If you are interested, or know of someone that might be, please connect by email only.


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Lead image © RIVIERA BUZZ, all other images courtesy Experience the French Riviera

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