Turquoise Saint-Tropez beaches, local tapas bars in Barcelona, Mediterranean fin whale watching, shared yacht ownership cruises. This is why we love the Mediterranean (and you should too!)

The Mediterranean Sea lies between Europe, Asia and Africa is almost completely enclosed by land! There are 23 countries with Mediterranean coastlines sharing thousands of kilometres of beaches, cliffs and seasides. Although it is part of the Atlantic Ocean, the Mediterranean is of a higher salinity than its parent and a lot warmer. The Mediterranean region enjoys abundant sunshine and a warm dry climate with some of the most breath-taking beautiful spots you will ever see in your lifetime. Find out why we love the Mediterranean – and you should too!

Be Glamourous on the French Riviera

Top of our list is of course the French Riviera. Known for its glamorous sparkling towns and cities from the likes of Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Monaco, this is surely an area that everyone must see at least once in their lifetime. The Mediterranean sea is so blue, as you wander around the historic French towns or perhaps spend an evening at a seaside bar all dressed in white holding a glass of a fresh light regional rose. Go casino hopping along the Côte d’Azur witnessing the glam for yourself at the likes of the Monte-Carlo Casino. Take a helicopter flight to St Tropez and gain an aerial view of the iconic turquoise beaches.

Larvotto Beach in Monaco on the Mediterranean

Italian Life in Cinque Terre

A world heritage site featuring five unique and beautiful towns, some of which are only accessible by boat or foot, is a truly magical part of the world and is another reason why we love the Mediterranean. Experience Italian history for yourself as you wander through the picturesque towns which all face the Med. Try the local Ligurian cuisine such as fresh focaccia in the morning followed by a swim and heading to a beach restaurant for a Gnocci al Pesto, taste the Genovese pesto right there, in the heart of Liguria. Watch as the locals go about their daily lives in a laidback Mediterranean stride.

Tapas on the Med: Barcelona

Gaudi's Park Guell in Barcelona on the MediterraneanWe love the Mediterranean because: it’s city breaks galore. One of those places we love is the City of Gaudi otherwise known as Barcelona. Why have we chosen to focus on this city you ask? Well it’s because Barcelona combines everything. It’s relaxed, there’s endless sunshine, it’s warm, the food is amazing, it’s cultural, unique and it’s full of art and design, the architecture is like nothing you will see anywhere else on the planet. Lastly, it has sandy and long beaches lined with Chiringuitos. Try something new today, relax in the Spanish atmosphere and sun, don’t be afraid to wander off the beaten path, find a local tapas bar, order a range of dishes accompanied with an aperol spritz or a carafe of sangria. Good times all round.

Something special: Magnificent Marine life in the Mediterranean

Marine life in the MediterraneanFew are aware of the wide variety of marine life that lives within the Mediterranean. Pilot whales, dolphins, killer whales and the Mediterranean fin whale are some of the magnificent creatures you can see for yourself. Whale and Dolphin watching expeditions are led by expert biologists from the port of Genoa in Italy allowing you to experience the thrill of seeing these marine mammals in their natural habitat. The Pelagos Sanctuary is off the coast of Italy and is protected and for good reason. With the Mediterranean being one the busiest ocean areas in the world, the short beaked common dolphins, striped and Risso’s dolphins need to feel safe in their habitat. The biologist on board will help you identify the Cetaceans as you enjoy your time aboard the exhibition boat.

Nautical Life

Whether you want to explore the Mediterranean sea for yourself on board a catamaran, with water toys such as wake boards or you prefer to have a more long term option, your own private yacht through an affordable shared yacht ownership programme, everyone is catered for in the Mediterranean sea.

Sunseeker yacht on the Mediterranean


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