Parking in Cannes needn’t be a headache anymore, thanks to this very helpful app that takes the stress out of the whole process.

Stuck in a meeting or doing the shopping when you suddenly realise that your parking meter is running out, and there’s no way you’ll get back in time to throw in a few coins and save yourself the hassle of being clamped or getting a ticket?

Well, your parking problems are over! The Ville de Cannes has recently introduced the use of the Whoosh! app to faciltiate motorists throughout the town. Whoosh! is a new mobile solution allowing you to pay for parking remotely, saving you that mad, fruitless search for coins, and may be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Screenshots of the Whoosh parking app

You firstly need to register on Whoosh!, creating your own account either by mobile phone or your computer. After that, it’s just a case of confirming your parking location, inputting the required duration, and that’s it!

No need for paper tickets (bar a badge identifying you as a Whoosh user), so even the environment is a winner in a small way and the real advantage of the system is that you can extend your parking duration from your phone without being anywhere near your vehicle. All payments are also totally secure.

You will also receive a reminder that your parking time is coming to an end, so no fear of parking tickets or fines anymore. You are also able to consult your history of payments and remaining credit via the app.


We say chapeau to the City Fathers in Cannes for introducing such a system in the town, and look forward to the implementation of similar initiatives elsewhere on the Riviera

Simple, rapide et convivial! Let us know if you have used the system and what you think of it – you can do so in the comments area below.

Parking app Whoosh has been introduced in Cannes


Lead image credit: funlovingvolvo / 123RF Stock Photo



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