Auto Bleue, the innovative electric car rental system prevalent throughout Nice and environs, celebrates its second anniversary.

This Saturday, 27th April from 10:30am, Place Garibaldi will be the place to be to celebrate two years of the Auto Bleue in Nice. The electric cars are now a familiar sight around the city, with some 126 vehicles on the road and 42 recharging stations.

A further nine stations will be coming online by the end of this month, including ones in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Villefranche-sur-Mer and Terminal 2 in the airport.

The Auto Bleue system is quite innovative and has been generally well received. All vehicles are 100% electric and obviously are environmentally friendly. For a one-off payment of €26, you are able to rent a car when and where you want.

Auto Bleue celebrates 2 years in Nice

You have a choice of the Freedom contract (no subscription, hourly and daily rates) or the Frequent Driver contract, which involves a minimum six month subscription.

An added bonus of the system is that other privately owned electric cars may also be recharged at the Auto Bleue stations, which also entitles the vehicle owner up to 12 hours parking. This service is available to those who register with Auto Bleue and pay an administrative fee of €25.

Auto Bleue turns 2 in Nice

Auto Bleue 2nd Birthday Party
Place Garibaldi
06300 Nice

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