We all know that good fats are essential for our physical and mental health. So how do we best incorporate them into our daily diet?

Our bodies need an adequate intake of good fats to function properly. How we incorporate these fats into our diet on a daily basis can be confusing for some people. The key is to knowing how to integrate seeds, nuts, and oils into our dietary routine. Here are some useful tips:-

Fish: I’m starting with the easiest tip here! The oily variety and steamed fish are excellent sources of good fats. We are lucky to be so near the coast for great sources of daily fresh fish. Our local variety, sardines, is one of those recommended for good fats, along with salmon and halibut.

Oils: Easily distroyed by heat, use wisely to get the best out of them! Olive oil is often used for cooking, however high temperatures can take all its natural goodness away. Instead, cook with clarified butter or coconut oil,  these two are more resistant to heat, or cook on a lower temperature. Coat pasta, salad, and grain dishes with an oil of your choice before serving. Easily found in the region, olive oil is excellent (unheated), but why not also consider flaxseed, rapeseed, or hemp seed oil, which is receiving great press.

Granola:  Great for kids, breakfasts, topping for dessert, or just on its own! So easy, hassle-free and quick to make at home, and you can include all different types of nuts, the best being walnuts and almonds. Recipes are available for the sugar free or natural sugars variety, which are even better for you. If you have issues with gluten, oats can be replaced with quinoa (yes, quinoa) or millet flakes.

Variety: Remember to try different seeds, nuts, and oils as often as you can, or create your own blend. These will ensure a good variety of essential fatty acids.

Avocados:  Rich in good fats, don’t worry about the calories, as our body actually uses these good fats as opposed to laying them down as excess weight. A great source for even the fussiest eater? Try avocado chocolate mousse, trust me this is amazing!

Rawfood pie crust: Making a pie for dessert? Now you have an excuse for a sweet after dinner! Many raw food movement recipes use a mixture of dates and walnuts and/or cashew nuts for the base. Tastes great and is good for you!

Seed bars: These are extremely easy to make at home and are perfect for both adults and kids.  A great snack to have on hand for people with blood sugar issues.

Supermarkets unfortunately are still full of “lowfat” or “no fat” labels, propagating the myth that all fats are bad.  As I said, it’s the source of the fat that is the key. With the Monaco Grand Prix coming up, I thought a car analogy might be appropriate! If you had an Aston Martin and put premium petrol in it, the car would run like a dream, but use cooking oil, not such great results! Our bodies use good fat to function, and bad fat is just left to go to the waistline!

These are just a few ideas to get you started on improving your intake of essential fatty acids. Organic is the most preferred here, as chemicals such as pesticides can be higher in high fat content foods.

Eat, be healthy, and enjoy!


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