Possibly the next big thing on the French Riviera, and you saw it here first! Check out the all new three-wheeled Dragonfly electric scooter.

There is nothing more charming than to see a pretty girl on a scooter, but this is no ordinary method of travel. It is a three wheeled electric mode of getting around which is for everyone no matter what age.

Christened ‘Dragonfly,’ entrepreneur and designer Ken Dewar (pictured below) chose the French Riviera to launch his product because he felt it was just the right market to travel ‘slowly but quickly’ around the crowded Côte d’Azur resorts. Imagine riding this in St Tropez, the Croisette or the Promenade des Anglais leaving all that crowded traffic behind. Ken describes it as ‘trendy way to travel slowly’.

Ken Dewar and his Dragonfly scooter

The Dragonfly is an electric three wheeler supplied to the customer complete and road tested. It has a strong motor because clients include sailors, golfers and other activities where a little bit of assistance is necessary. “You can even do your supermarket shopping while driving it”, says Ken.

What makes the three wheeler different to other electric bikes and vechicles are the technical innovations which have been developed with particular clients in mind – the boating world, the sports world, going shopping and for the hell of it, it is great fun.

The three wheeled Dragonfly scooter

The Dragonfly, in a smart colour of yellow, is quiet but there is a sharp hooter and a very bright headlight to warn pedestrians.

Ken says “We have spoken to local police and although there are no strict regulations concerning these three wheelers, they recommend our clients not to drive on main roads and use a lot of common sense. We should warn you that it doesn’t like rain or sharp inclines and it is recommended to wear a helmet’.

The cost of this little jewel is €950. For more information, please contact Ken Dewar Enterprises by telephone on +33 (0) 6 22 3 8 47 83 or by email.

Jessica on her Dragonfly scooter

All images courtesy Ken Dewar Enterprises


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