That time of year again when the city of Nice rocks and rolls with the arrival of Crazy Week and some interesting new musical finds.

I love Crazy Week. Forget the Jazz Festival which is a collection of has-beens, ok, maybe a bit much, but you get the drift. What Crazy Week offers is a chance to see new emerging bands together with some mainstream acts like Simple Minds.

Let’s dwell a moment on emerging bands – Miss America. A friend told me about them, how she was blown away by them, the way they performed – she thought they were cool – seconded! Thirded if there is such a word.

Miss America were engaging, spirited with that ooze of life that typifies Crazy Week. Home grown. Loving it. Plus they hung around to listen to ALB who followed, then Simple Minds, mixing in with the crowd – I think that is an indicator of people who want to grow. Keep it up Miss America, you can save the World and help small animals cross the road – heck, forget that, just do what you are doing, it works and is great. High energy – love that. Enjoying what you do – fantastic.

ALB was interesting. Not my bag. Competent. Crowd pleasing for sure.

The headliner was Simple Minds. Boy were there a lot of SM (whoops, that is Simple Minds) fans there. Waving arms in the air to the familiar and not so familiar tunes. Jimmy of course played to the crowd – it is what they wanted and he gave it to them in spades.

Safe to say a great time was had by all. Now, photos-wise I have an issue, as if you haven’t gone to Crazy Week, I want you to go as you will enjoy it, you sure will. So, can’t really do an SM one or ALB though I think Miss America, I will slip some of those in.

Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July you can go, yes really. I am attempting to get you up for going – Just go, live a little, you will thank me, cash is always pleasing! Tickets still available onlone.

Miss America at Crazy Week 2014 in Nice

Miss America in Nice - Crazy Week 2014

Miss America performing in Nice - Crazy Week 2014

Miss America in Nice for Crazy Week 2014

Miss America - Crazy Week 2014

Crazy Week 2014 - Miss America

Miss America take Nice by storm - Crazy Week 14

Crazy Week 2014 with Miss America

All photographs © Mike Colquhoun



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