Oenocellar allows you to track the market value of your wine collection and instantly access global availability of specific wines and vintages.

It’s a common sight here along the Côte d’Azur. Lazy afternoons spent relaxing in the sunshine, along the Croisette or the Cours Saleya, sipping a chilled glass of salmon-hued Provence rosé. How often have you wished you’d taken more care to remember the name of that glass of wine, the best rosé you’d tasted in a long time, so that you could find where you could to buy a bottle or two for yourself?

Here’s where a new wine app comes to the rescue, created by Canadian born, Riviera resident Chris Fillion. Hot off the press, having only been released in December, Chris has designed Oenocellar with more than one type of wine lover in mind. There are two key features.

Oenocellar app available on Google Play

The first is a search facility which allows you to enter in the particular wine or specific vintage you require. So, back to that Provence rosé mentioned above. Let’s pick one to use as an example. Probably the most talked about rosé (if not wine) of 2013, chances are at some point in the last year you’ve had a serving of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Château Miraval 2012 Côtes de Provence Rosé in your glass.

Once the wine and vintage is entered in, you’ve got at your fingertips detailed information on region, average price, and even grape variety (Miraval’s rosé is a blend of Grenache and Cinsault, in case you were wondering!). Even more useful, by tapping on ‘Where to Buy’ you can search for retailers close to home or for the best prices globally. Once you’ve selected the store of your choice, you’re given their address, phone number, website and even their location on Google maps. Too easy!

Oenocellar app gives you valuable wine information at your fingertips

So now we’ve purchased a case of this pink tipple, let’s think about cellaring a few bottles for next summer. This is where Oenocellar’s second feature comes into play, although it’s perhaps more useful for the big Bordeaux and oaky Chardonnay in your wine collection than quaffable Provence rosé, the majority destined to be drunk young and fresh!

Oenocellar allows you to keep track of the value of your wine collection, perfect for the serious wine investor. By entering each bottle, along with the cost price, Oenocellar offers current market prices as well as any earnings as a percentage. Within instants, statistics such as the total value of your cellar, along with your profit, are available. It’s a perfect solution for those looking to manage their inventory and to keep valuable information stored at their fingertips!

Oenocellar is a streamlined, easy to use app which is currently only available for Android phones; however plans are already underway to create an i-friendly version, so watch this space! 

Oenocellar app available for download on Google Play now

Oenocellar is available from Google Play – the free version with advertisements can be downloaded here and the ad-free version, which costs €2.99, can be downloaded here.

And do remember to check out Chrissie’s blog, Riviera Grapevine, for everything you need to know about local and regional wines – well worth the read!

Lead image © Riviera Buzz; all other screenshots courtesy Oenocellar Wine app


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