Nice is an incredibly beautiful city with stunning views on offer and some of the top culinary treasures in the whole of the south of France.

After a day on the beach or exploring the history of Old Nice, nothing is better than enjoying the evening sun with a fine wine, fine food and a stunning view. At StayYNA (Your Nice Apartment) we are always trying to find out new local treasures and here we share 5 of our favourites.

La Terrasse – Promenade des Anglais

The aptly named terrace sits high above the Nice bay (pictured above) and provides probably the best views of the beach and the sprawling coastline you could imagine. The wide glass windows make the views incredible. The restaurant sits on the rooftop of Le Méridien and the cuisine itself is simple but delicious.

Expect to pay €15 for a starter, €30 for a main, and €10 for dessert. The fish is the real highlight at this restaurant – though it doesn’t offer as much fresh variety as other restaurants.

Reservations +33 (0) 4 97 03 40 37

La Reserve in Nice
La Réserve – Boulevard Franck Pilatte

Nestled by the sea with a view looking out over the Baie des Anges, this is a great, sheltered spot to soak up the evening air with a view of the sea wall and gently lapping waters. However, the food is really the reason to come here.

The head chef Sebastien Mahuet is a genius, and the fish and lamb are particularly exceptional – expect something truly unique whenever you come. The only downside is the price with mains from €40 and starters from €25. Still well worth a treat.

Reservations +33 (0) 4 97 08 14 80

Bistrot d'Antoine in Nice
Le Bistrot d’Antoine – Rue de la Préfecture

Situated in the old town, le Bistrot d’Antoine offers a fantastic location with the views here really about the people walking by as you soak up the heart of Nice in all its glory. The food here is incredibly reasonable with prices starting from just 10 euros.

This place serves rich, filing, authentic French food including incredible duck and mouth-watering steak. The house wine selection is also well worth a leisurely explore as well.

Reservations +33 (0) 4 93 85 29 57

L'Ane Rouge interior i Nice
L’Ane Rouge – Quai des Deux-Emmanuel

This Michelin star restaurant offers exceptional food, at a surprisingly gentle price, with an incredible view of the Parc du Chateau and the sprawling yachts of the rich and famous. You’ll need to book well in advance, particularly if you want to sit outside.

The food itself is superbly presented with an artistic talent that will make you reluctant to tuck in. With plenty of delightful fish and meat dishes this one really can’t disappoint – mains from just €26.

Reservations +33 (0) 4 93 89 49 63

Interior of l'Autobus restaurant in Nice
L’Autobus – Avenue de Gairaut

Our last entry doesn’t have a great view of the city but it does have an incredible location with a relaxed garden filled with cypress and olive trees.

The perfect place to relax with wine after a day’s exploring the city the prices here are exceptionally reasonable, mains from €13, and you can have wonderful food including garlic squid, tourte de blettes and gnocchi. This is a popular spot, so book well in advance.

Reservations +33 (0) 4 93 84 49 88


We hope you have a great time exploring Nice. These are just a few of our favourite restaurants. The food across the city is exceptional whether you want culinary masterpieces or hearty French cuisine. Bon Appetit!


This article was brought to you by StayYNA (formerly Your Nice Apartment).


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Lead image courtesy La Terrasse; photo of Bistrot d’Antoine © RIVIERA BUZZ; all other photo courtesy YNA

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