Five Sundays, five feature films and seven short movies – the 6th Annual Nice Israel Film Festival aims to show the real face of Israeli society.

Over the last decade, the country’s film industry has really blossomed, with about twenty movies being released each year. The new generation of Israeli filmmakers is now mainly focusing on the conflicts within Israeli society, rather than on the violence and tension continuously reported in the news, and this year again, festival goers are in for a real treat with five films as diverse and multi-racial as the country itself. Welcome to the Nice Israel Film Festival 2013!

Les Voisins de Dieu‘ (God’s Neighbours) will open the festival on the 17th of February. This French-Israeli movie directed by Meni Yaesh tells the story of three young ultra-orthodox Jews who take upon themselves to ensure that people respect the religious laws in their neighbourhood.

This will be followed on the 24th of February by Sharon Bar-Ziv’s ‘Room 514‘, a gritty minimalist drama inspired by an actual event, that follows an idealistic Israeli military investigator in his confrontation with an elite soldier over accusations of unnecessary violence against a Palestinian man in the Occupied Territories.

Billed as the first Israeli slasher horror film, ‘Rabies‘ by writers/directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado will screen on the 3rd of March. Expect a lot of blood and thrills in this offbeat movie that follows a psychotic killer on the loose in the woods and a group of teenagers…sound familiar?

Dusk by Alon Zingman (2010)

We Are Not Alone‘, a film by Lior Har-Lev that focuses on a security guard as he prepares for the end of the world, will be shown on the 10th of March, while ‘Dusk‘ will be screened right after the closing ceremony on the 17th of March. Directed by Alon Zingman, this movie is reminiscent of the film ‘21 Grams‘, as the paths of his characters cross following a hit-and-run accident.

The festival runs from Sunday 17th February to Sunday 17th March 2013. The movies will be screened every Sunday at 7pm at the Pathé-Masséna on avenue Jean Médecin, and will all be competing for a Mimosa d’Or. The pass to see all five movies costs €40 and can be purchased directly at the theatre.

The 6th Nice Israel Film Festival 2013

31, ave. Jean Médecin
06000 Nice

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Lead image from ‘Les Voisins de Dieu’ © Sophie Dulac Distribution

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