Situated behind the Port in Nice is Le Café Borghèse, a great local bar, café, restaurant – we recommend that you check it out, day or night!

Le Borghèse in rue Fodéré is very much a favourite of mine and has been for a while. The annoyance right now is that it closes in the afternoons and at weekends – yes, truly strange to anyone from the UK or the States – frankly bizarre. That aside, it is a lovely place run by two really pleasant young guys supported by a chef who works in a kitchen that redefines the word galley, plus at the end of his shift he cruises homewards on blades – cool dude.

Food is pretty set with some very good tartar dishes, including a white fish one that I for one always end up choosing if it hasn’t been zapped by previous diners. The other dishes are interesting bistro items with a Corsican touch – okay, we can debate this one! When they do fries, which accompany a lot of dishes, they are just right. All good.

Café BORGHÈSE in Nice

Outside there is some comfortable terrace seating permitting people watching. Inside, the décor is avant-garde – I like it a lot. I am told it is Corsican – like the food, that is up for debate.

Drinks wise it is standard good stuff. Wine lovers will not be disappointed in the quality or the price of the wines. It is not God’s gift to wine lovers, so don’t expect that. The other drinks are pretty average on the whole. However, there are no real negatives in this direction, simply no plus one points!

Café BORGHÈSE in Nice - the interior

Interior shot of Café BORGHÈSE in Nice

Le Borghèse makes an attractive venue for couples, small groups or even those on their own. Everything is run on a casual, could be viewed as offhand, basis. That said, the owners are cheery enough and will spend time talking, discussing the menu and making you feel at home – it is like that, sort of sitting at home with some great food, sampling some lovely wine and enjoying the gentle hum of the Port area during the day or in the evening.

Give it a try, you will not be disappointed! 

Café Borghese in Nice Port

Le Borghese
9, rue Fodéré
06300 Nice

Tel: 04 92 04 83 83

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All images courtesy and © Mike Colquhoun


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