Cannois cocktail aficionados and American expats, rejoice: you no longer have to travel to Paris, Venice or New York to get your fix

The countdown is on: Starting in June 2020, Harry’s Bar – Europe’s oldest cocktail bar and inventor of such iconic creations as the Bloody Mary or the Blue Lagoon, will open a new establishment in Port Canto, the heart of the Cannes marina. Franz-Arthur MacElhone, great-grandson of the bar’s founder Harry MacElhone, chose Cannes to perpetuate the unique atmosphere of the illustrious watering hole, synonymous with Cuban cocktails.

Cannes, a global village, has a DNA very comparable to that of Harry’s Bar,” the fourth generation bar owner and Cannes resident states. “International in name and human in size, this city is without a doubt the perfect place to develop a sunny and Cuban-style version of our know-how.“ Mayor David Lisnard is excited as well. That the iconic Harry’s Bar – which inevitably conjures up memories of Ernest Hemingway, Coco Chanel or Humphrey Bogart – decides to link its history to Cannes is great news, he said, certain that this will reinforce the spirit of renewal in his town.

Harry's Bar Cannes

Harry's Bar Cannes

The 127m2 bar + 150m2 terrace establishment in the Port Canto area opens in June. Harry’s Bar is the first of two new world-renowned brands to be set up in Port Canto, alongside other existing shops specializing in water sports as well as a famous restaurant and nightclub. It represents another milestone in the mayor’s great projects in the town’s overall embellishment and reinvigoration of its waterfront.

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