July is THE month for music festivals on the French Riviera, and Les Nuits du Sud in Vence are once again planning to make a lot of noise.

Antibes and Nice may seem to get all the credit for the big summertime music events locally with their world renowned jazz festivals, but move inland to the hilly surrounds of Vence for another memorable musical experience.

Featuring an eclectic mix of world music ranging from latin rhythms to jazz and from folk to rock, the goal of Les Nuits du Sud is to promote all styles of music and the 17th edition should once again not disappoint. This year there is a nice, off-the-beaten-track programme that combines emerging artists and big names of the music scene at a very reasonable price (free for kids under 12, and between €14 and €20 otherwise).


Yodelice, Garland Jeffreys, Johnny Lang, the Wailers, Irma … There will definitely be something for everyone and because no other group embodies diversity and music from around the world better than Pink Martini, the Oregon-based band is scheduled to highlight the second weekend with a multilingual and sophisticated performance.

And if that was not enough to make it a successful event, Les Nuits du Sud also prides itself on being a green festival. The organizers indeed do their bit for the environment with their extensive litter retrieval and recycling efforts. The leaflets are printed on eco-friendly paper and LED lighting is used on stage.

Les Nuits du Sud festival runs from Friday, 11th July to Saturday, 9th August. For further information, please visit Les Nuits du Sud festival website or check out their Facebook page.

Les Nuits du Sud festival 2014

Les Nuits du Sud Festival
Place du Grand Jardin
Avenue de la Résistance
06140 Vence

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