Start your day on a positive note – dry brush yourself from head to toe to get a healthier, silkier skin and rejuvenate yourself. Sound good?

Wake up and start your day a great way with Dry Brushing. It rejuvenates, invigorates, boosts lymph flow, stimulates blood circulation and removes dead skin cells. It even supports one of the skin’s important functions, ridding itself of accumulated toxins. You didn’t know that!

As we sleep our skin eliminates lots of toxins, waste products, sweat, and oil. It forms minute crystals which clog our pores – you have to admit that isn’t good.

Brushing skin helps unplug pores, increase its absorption of nutrients, aids circulation to skin cells for better metabolic cellular exchange and polishes it as well. Healthy skin needs to ‘breathe’. Getting rid of dry cells makes the body react by producing new skin cells more rapidly. Cool. Skin feels immediately silkier, in the long term will look healthier, loosing dryness and pastiness.

Fat deposits are better distributed, the nervous system is rejuvenated, nerve endings are stimulated and dry brushing contributes to improved muscle tone. All this from dry brushing alone?

Natural bristle brush

Yes! And here is the right way to get the benefits:

Get a natural bristle brush/loofah – my favourite with a long handle makes it easier doing your back. A removable head makes it easier to brush your feet. Synthetic brushes, exfoliation cloths are harsh, create minute scratches resulting in drier, irritated skin. If you have eczema, acne or other skin problems, be sure to consult your health practitioner first.

– Never ‘scrub’ using hard pressure, be firm but gentle pressure. Your skin should feel alive & tingly!
– Always work in the direction of the heart. Start with the right foot, working in a circular motion first on the outside upwards then the inside towards the groin. Repeat on the left also. Right hand, Brush from hands up along the arms towards the collarbone – always work towards the supraclavicular lymph nodes that are located near the collarbone.
– Stomach area: in a clockwise, use a light circular movements from the navel outwards.
– Right buttocks then the left: large circular movements, ending with strokes upwards.
– Breast area: sensitive nipple area.
– Back: lower back towards your heart long strokes or circular movements if this is difficult).


All of the above will only add 5 minutes more to your morning routine. Rinse off under a warm shower. There is no need to use soap or shower gel on the brushed areas of the body as it is now impeccably clean.

Get that loofah out now and get brushing! 

Lead image credit: goodluz / 123RF Stock Photo; brush image credit: pedrovieira68 / 123RF Stock Photo; video courtesy Mike Colquhoun


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