Another great find in the port area of Nice, you will lose yourself in this lovely little café cum meeting place, run by two very interesting women.

The Nice Life Café is a hard place to stumble on. ‘Oh, is that a café or a questionable reading room?’ you will ask yourself. The answer thankfully is a reading room with no evangelist in sight, can’t say the other thing as Tom sues. Where is this little treasure? Hush now, I will tell you in good time.

There is a grand boulevard in Nice stretching a mighty 2 whole blocks! Wow. Gasp. 2 entire blocks. Boulevard Carnot heads up from the Port, on your right will be the elegant (not) boulevard Stalingrad which on the left becomes the enchanting (not) boulevard Lech Walesa where you will find on your right a few steps down a window and a door way with a sign – Come In We’re Open – Do as instructed.

Nice Life International - Come In!

Clients at Nice Life Café

Sophie and Christina have created a living room for you to pass away the late morning and afternoon in quietude. Yes, I know Lech Walesa can be noisy, but it is not intrusive – honest. Home made, hand made everything. Yummy. There are also the locally produced drinks from Nice Life which were sampled, to be recommended. A lovely assortment of nibbles awaits you with your laptop as you WiFi your way through the demands of Facebook. They do lunches – vegetarian, you knew that was coming, don’t let it stop you.

The comfy interior of Nice Life Café

Anew library space is coming to nice Life Café

Upstairs they are putting the finishing touches to a library space which is due to open shortly. Right now they are also running Tuesday workshops for around 15 people on all sorts of subjects from astrology on through the alphabet – you go and find out yourself, I am not a information booth – check their website or their Facebook page for up to date information.

Sophie is a well-travelled Swede (nationality not vegetable, although she is a vegetarian, there is NO correlation), Christina is an American who works at a business management development place with letters that don’t actually work into anything funny – how dull is that? Together they have produced a lovely, warm, happy, friendly environment that just feels good when you enter. Their philosophy is to be in inclusive, and inclusive they are.

Interesting and eclectic décor in Nice Life Café

It has only been open a short time, since May, so it is still blossoming. So far it has been very successful. I will be back. Oh no! Now you know you will go there and if you tell your friends then … Recommended little hide-a-way off the beaten track. Me, I like it. You, you will like it. Go.

Nice Life International
15, bd. Lech Walesa
06300 Nice

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All images © Mike Colquhoun



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