There are not many people gifted with intelligence, dynamism, positivity and who are truly inspirational, 1Drea Pennington Wasio is one of those rare people.

She has done so many things in her life – doctor, broadcaster, author, teacher, therapist and the list is growing! I did say 1Drea is a rarity, an extreme rarity. Her achievements and continuous move onwards and upwards is incredible and, as noted, inspirational.

1Drea is a people person, easy to relate to, warm and engaging. She cares about people and strives to help people take control of their lives, to recognise and achieve their ambitions. She does this through seminars, her many books and there are retreats too – all of which are crafted to promote well being and a feeling of growth. iDrea has developed her own techniques and strategies based around the person using meditation and other holistic methods.

1Drea Praying


A range of products has been created to facilitate meditation such as scented candles and perfumes to create that special sensory ambiance. These scents come from the home of perfume here in the south of France. These facilitate reducing anxiety, promoting relaxation and allowing the mind to focus. As with all of 1Drea’s work, it is centred on the individual controlling their own lives and minimising the impact of external pressures such as negativity and demands. This is something 1Drea does for herself and is so useful to know and exercise.

Where it is legal, 1Drea utilises psychedelics to promote relaxation and awareness. It is done in a very controlled way to enhance the mood. It is interesting to note that the truffle can have similar effects on the mind as ‘magic mushrooms’ – they can be used as an aid to meditation and achieving a calm state. The objective is to unite the person to their minds and eliminate the concerns that plague everyone stopping them from being able to think and process their thoughts in a free and clear way.

1Drea books

Without question there is something in every one of 1Drea’s books that will aid and enhance anyone’s life for the better. 1Drea is a doctor who practices what she advises in that she manages her heavy workload within a 3 day working week! This is accomplished by compartmentalising and structuring life so that there is time for everything that is important – Living life to the maximum.

To find out more about 1Drea look at her fascinating and involving web site –

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