Manuela Biocca invites you to experience the height of fashion with her exclusive new collection, ‘Sortilèges’ – you are guaranteed to be spellbound!

The designs of Manuela Biocca are very much part of an alternative fashion scene – think Gothic, Victorian, Steampunk, or Romantic. Her aim is to better provide contemporary fashion with an atypical elegance, while at the same time remaining feminine and sophisticated. The designs, with all their splendour, their charm, will enhance the personality of every woman.

High Fashion Silk Flowers

As a craftswoman, Manuela has created individual and exceptional pieces adorned with high fashion silk flowers. “I have created original pieces, imagining them being worn by a dark and mysterious woman, a dark magician queen in a forest filled with trees and flowers”, she tells us.

Manuela Biocca Sortilèges collection

Victorian Mourning Jewelry

The tradition consists of wearing a jewel as a token of love and to perpetuate the memory of a loved one has been around since the 17th century. Manuela wanted to pay tribute to this tradition by creating jewelry with dark facetted crystals, obsidians and skulls. « Memento Mori, remember that you have to die… »

Esoterism and Celtic embroideries

Manuela spent time in Lunéville, immersing herself in the art of high fashion embroidery. As a result of her studies, she now creates her own handmade designs with Celtic patterns beaded with real 1920’s beads and silk threads. She is inspired by legends, mysteries, and esoterism, and has created necklaces shaped as magic wands and using symbolic designs.

Manuela Biocca Sortilèges collection

Experience the charming, mysterious, feminine and always unconventional world of Manuela Biocca with her new collection ‘Sortilèges – time to get bewitched!

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All photos courtesy Manuela Biocca

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