Coming in with a bang, L’Omega Club celebrates their first anniversary on Friday March 8th with an XXL party!

With the owners having a longstanding history in the nightclub environment and being huge supporters of the local LGBTQI community, it was really no surprise when they got together and opened L’Omega Club at 8 passage Émile Négrin in Nice a year ago this weekend.

From night one, they have always provided a welcoming atmosphere for everyone looking for a great evening out, the club weekly brings in the best DJ’s from the area and worldwide to play the freshest top dance music in most any genre around.

As with any new nightclub venture, one would expect some bumps in the road but with L’Omega Club, it really doesn’t seem to be the case. The management and staff are always friendly and attentive, the club is packed every weekend and it seems to draw in interest from not only those dedicated individuals that live here, but is also certainly on the tourist maps as well. True to the region and what they are about, the club is not overpriced or tacky.

Their openness to switching things up and trying out new nights, holding both fashion and drag queen events, letting those new to the DJ world have their hand spinning tunes and consistently mixing it up with fantastic music all night long, are all the makings of a great dance club.

With a totally warm and moody interior, there is space to move, mix and mingle yet still intimate in the sections it needs to be, L’Omega Club should be on your social list every weekend!

L'Omega Club

Come celebrate this weekend!


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All images courtesy L’Omega Club

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