An homage to former Prime Minister H.E. Mr Michel Roger, who sadly suffered a severe stroke last December, has been organised through L’Initative Michel Roger in Monaco.

Twenty-two artists from Monaco and around the world participated in this noble cause, each creating a portrait of Mr. Roger in their chosen medium, be it painting, sculpture, illustration, drawing, photography, and multimedia. The art work was inaugurated at a private vernissage at La Crémaillère in Monaco on 13th December.

The following day, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco also came for a private viewing of the collection of creative portraits. He offered his congratulations to L’Initative Michel Roger, directed by Anett-Patrice van York, and all participating artists, for this beautiful homage.

HSH Prince Albert de Monaco
Letter from Jean-Paul Belmondo

Actor Jean-Paul Belmondo also gave his blessing for the homage, having already written a beautiful letter to M. Roger last September, telling of his personal experiences as a stroke patient.

Participating artists include –

Ralph Cowen (painting), Kub (digital painting), Toby Wright (drawing), Diego (painting), Gil Zetbase (mixed media), Cyril de la Patelliere (painting), Richard Seren (calligraphic painting), Elena Zaika (painting), Golec+Golec (sculpture), Alain Giampaoli (drawing), Ideel (mixed media), Stefanie van Zyl (drawing), Gueorgui Chichkine (painting), Tuula Hirvonen (mixed media), Sven Vandenbosch (painting), Claudia Albuquerque (photography), Jeremy Royer (painting), Christine Franceschini (painting), Basia Hamilton (painting), Nastya Miro (mixed media), Yvonne Lambeaux (painting), and Valentyna Protsak (painting).

A silent auction was also held for the Monaco Collectif Humanitaire, with four participating artists donating art work for the cause: Alexandre Nicolas (mixed media), Jelena Mandic (jewelry), Diego (painting), and Kamel el Amri (calligraphic paintings).

The artist Jean-Francois Gaulthier also very kindly donated a beautiful painting of his ballet dancers as a gift for Mrs. Roger.

Michel Roger

A well deserved homage for a wonderful man, who has done a huge amount for the Principality. He will be coming out of the hospital right before Christmas, but his rehabilitation will continue for quite some time. God bless him!


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All photos © Anett-Patrice van York

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