Margarita Nagel, contemporary dancer and choreographer, will première her new and dynamic dance piece ‘Values’ this January in Nice.

A relatively new arrival in Nice, Margarita Nagel has spent her time here focusing on the creation of contemporary dance. She studied dance and choreography at the Folkwang University in Essen in Germany, the alma mater of Pina Bausch, one of the best known choreographers of contemporary dance in the world.

Since qualifying, Margarita has created pieces and danced all over Europe including Spain, Malta, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland, and Germany. She has herself worked as a dancer with choreographers such as Jerome Bel, Malou Airaudo, and Lutz Förster

In 2011, she made the move to Lyon to work in the Centre National de la Danse there, eventually moving to Nice in 2013 to create her own contemporary dance company, Compagnie M./N.

Margarita Nagel contemporary dance choreographer © Tim Aspert 2013

Margarita Nagel, contemporary dance choreographer in Nice

She has been supported and assisted in her endeavours to date by ‘Le Hublot‘ artistic centre and the ‘Peace Yoga‘ centre, where she has had the opportunity to create and perform her different pieces. She is also in contact with artists from all over the world, as well as developing important contacts here in Nice, and promoting contemporary dance in the area.

Margarita’s pieces are both dynamic and emotionally charged. For her it is important to tell a story, to reach people and touch them deeply, opening their eyes and minds to the problems of our civilization, the state of the heart of the individual reflecting that of our civilization.

In her new piece ‘Values‘, which is part of a series, she investigates and identifies the difficulties that we face in our lives, both on an individual and global basis. For her, the problems experienced by the individual are in fact just a microcosm of the problems of the world, with similar causes and solutions. This is the challenge for her dancers, to interpret these difficulties that we all experience, and successfully transmit this to the audience.

Margarita Nagel performing contemporary dance piece

Margarita also works with other forms of media to complement her choreography, making use of video projections, contemporary music, and acting, as well as the talents of other artists, painters and musicians.

Dance is a form of communication for Margarita, independent of language, a medium which can express the whole range of emotions and feelings, and can tell stories, with plenty of room for interpretation.

Values‘ is a piece with different energies and themes. It is very dynamic, artistic, and very tactile. Her dancers use their bodies to fill out the theatre, to engage the public with their energy and the authenticity of their movements, and to make the spectator confront their own feelings and love.


The première of ‘Values‘ takes place in the Théâtre de la Semeuse at 8pm on Friday, 24th January. Tickets cost €12 and may be reserved by calling 04 93 92 85 08

Théâtre de la Semeuse
2, montée Auguste Kerl
06300 Nice

Tel: 04 93 92 85 08

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All images courtesy Margarita Nagel; lead image and image of Margarita on the rocks © Tim Aspert 2013 


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