A big treat is in store for local music lovers: the Nice Jazz Orchestra is stopping over in town.

École de Jazz de Nice is for music aficionados what École de Nice is for plastic artists: a dynamic, innovative artistic movement that celebrates vibrant expression. Jazz made in Nice is recognizably exuberant and lively, experimental and avant-garde. And as every year, the Nice Jazz Orchestra – NJO – shows off its talent in a weekend residence, swinging and grooving its heart out at the Théâtre Francis Gag from 3rd to 5th February. Under this year’s motto “La Route du Jazz”, the orchestra features a nonet formation, accompanied by the violoncello quintet Cello Fan under world class cellist Frédéric Audibert.

From the mournful songs of America’s Black slaves between Detroit and the Mississippi Delta to the dazzling stages of the great contemporary festivals… the way has been a long and winding one, rich in musical adventures and emblematic personalities. Blues, gospel, swing, be-bop… there are as many styles as there are famous musicians of this style that is so well-known and yet so hard to define: jazz.

Nice Jazz Orchestra poster

Based on Pierre Bertrand’s original arrangements, the Nice Jazz Orchestra – which consists of the best Azurean soloists – retraces the Route du Jazz, stopping here and there along the way for short presentations to map out its complex culture for the audience.

In typical NJO style, its concerts always have a unique character. This year it has invited Frédéric Audibert’s violoncello quintet for a different, unexpected, yet complementary flavour, and to show that jazz and classical music certainly share commonalities.

Under the artistic direction of NJO founding fathers Pierre Bertrand, Christian Pachiaudi and Alain Asplanato, La Route du Jazz is an entertaining show for hesitant neophytes to seasoned jazzophiles alike.

La Route du Jazz at Théâtre Francis Gag on Friday 3rd and and Saturday, 4th February at 20h30, and Sunday, 5th February at 16h30. Tickets cost 15€ / 12€ and may be reserved online or purchased on the door at TFG on the day of the show.

Théâtre Francis Gag
4, rue de la Croix
06300 Nice

Tel: +33 4 92 00 78 50


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Lead image Nice Jazz Orchestra by Chello fan – Bernard Ipperti


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