Ingrid Prendergast fell in love with the French language whilst living in her native Canada.

She moved to France, settling in Paris. In Paris she was a dancer and backing vocalist. It was in Paris that she met her future husband, musician Micael Sene. Micael at the time was based in Paris though he was often touring with a number of well known bands. Ingrid missed the sea and the sun, her roots were in Jamaica and she was used to having water near her in Canada. She persuaded Micael to move to the south of France. Reluctantly he agreed though he kept one foot in Paris for a while.

Once based in the South of France Ingrid changed her lifestyle. Instead of the hectic world of music it was switched to a more normal 9 to 5 existence, of course having a family necessitated this major transformation. In tandem Micael had decided to plant his musical roots and work out of the Riviera although he still toured frequently. Together Ingrid and Micael created a life that worked for them both and very successfully. Jointly they plan and agree on family time, music time and time just to be together. It isn’t surprising to note that their children are following in the family’s musical footsteps.

Food is also a major part of Ingrid’s life. She loves to cook. Caribbean cookery is something that she is passionate about. Ingrid’s something that others are passionate about savouring! That said, Ingrid likes to use fusion in her cookery by combining Caribbean flavours with French and other cuisines which does with delightful results. For pure French food then Ingrid prefers to go to a restaurant.

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Lead image courtesy Jason Dent on Unsplash

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