The Antibes Art Fair is underway at Esplanade du Pré aux Pêcheurs in Vieil Antibes, running until early May, with a little something for everyone.

The simply named 43eme Salon d’Antibes Art Fair Antiquities, Art Moderne & Art Contemporain (we’ll just call it the Antibes Art Fair) opened on 18 April and runs until 4 May 10:30am to 7:30pm daily. It is made up of an outside area with free to view spaces together with some working artists. One of these artists being a delightful Canadian lady, Simona Berga, in Antibes for only a year.

There is also a very large inside space. In the outside spaces you will also find excellent local galleries exhibiting such as the Gabel Gallery in Biot. The show has transferred to the new space just outside the walls of the old town, not far, though it feel much more connected to the town, a good move.

Antibes Art Fair 2015

The question you will be asking is whether it is worth shelling out to go into the large inside space having enjoyed the places outside. The answer is a definite yes. This is because you will be transported into a high end, very accessible, beautifully laid out space with some great stands. It is a very enjoyable experience, lots of art and antique eye candy. What is nice is that there is no feeling of stuffiness or staleness, it feels professional – which of course it is.

Normally I can whizz around these places in a short time. However, this was my second visit – gasp, shock, horror! Why is that you may ask. Well, the stands are elegantly laid out, lit really well offering a super perspective so that it is possible to get a feel of what your room would look like, maybe even how you could remodel the east wing of the chateau or turn the the kid’s playroom into an absolutely stunning un-child friendly drawing room.

Some of the stands at the Antibes Art Fair 2015

What is cool too is that there are several exhibitors showing carpets, furniture and paintings from totally different periods and types that actually work cohesively – fusion cooking for interiors! I liked what I saw a lot. It is not often that I see so so many items that I would really love to have – believe me, that is big.

Find time and go, you will not be disappointed. 

Some of the exhibits at the Antibes Art Fair 2015

All photos © Mike Colquhoun




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