The 2013 Nice Jazz Off Festival gets underway today, adding more colour and variety to la Fête de la Musique around the streets of Nice.

What better way to launch the Jazz Off festival than an occasion like la Fête de la Musique. And what better choice of artists to honour than a tribute concert to Aretha Franklin and James Brown this evening in Place Pierre Gautier in Vieux Nice, from 8pm, featuring La Tribu (Soul Funk Groove).

The Jazz Off festival is open to hundreds of musicians who will be preaching the gospel of jazz to fans and the unitiated throughout Nice in the coming weeks, from the city centre to the furthest flung neighbourhoods. This year there will also be a number of stages set up around the city, so that people can enjoy seated performances by the numerous musicians and groups…and all for free!


The programme for the concerts is as follows:-

• Place Pierre-Gautier – Friday, 21st June 

• Square Wilson – Tuesday, 25th June 

• Parc Carol-de-Roumanie – Wednesday, 26th June 

• Place Garibaldi – Thursday, 27th June 

• Place Saint-Roch – Friday, 28th June 

• Château de Nice – Tuesday, 2nd July 

• Place du Pin – Thursday, 4th July


The programme for the Jazz Off festival includes some of the best local jazz bands who will be given the opportunity to perform on a special stage set up in Place Masséna between the 5th and 12th July, the Tremplin which runs from 5th to 7th July involving 9 groups, the winner getting to perform during the Jazz festival proper in the Théâtre de Verdure, and finally between the 8th and 12th July, 10 professional bands will be on hand to entertain the crowds.

What’s not to love about the 2013 Jazz Off festival?

Nice Jazz Off is on!

Lead image credit: hasenonkel / 123RF Stock Photo


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