Want to meet French speakers and practice your French? Happy to speak English and enhance your Social Network? Time to try Franglish!

Tall order! Uh, no, actually it isn’t. Well it is unless you have heard about Franglish. Already a runaway success in Paris and London, Franglish has been in Nice for 18 months now, going from strength to strength. Not heard of it? Now you have.

What happens is that you pay €13 (which includes your first drink), you are then assigned a table with a speaker of the opposite language. For 7 minutes you speak one langauge, then the other – simple!! You swap partners many times without catching anything but a possible new friendship and a name (the latter is important).

The sessions are held in central Nice on Wednesdays at the Boscolo Plaza Hotel – on their superb terrace if the weather is good – and in Antibes at the Hôtel Ambassadeur on Sundays, with some Sundays in Nice.

Signing in for Franglish in Nice

Conversation in English and French at Franglish in Nice

Conversation time at Franglish in Nice

Is it for me? Or rather YOU! Yes, if you want to socialise in French, meet new people and have a lovely evening, then it is most certainly for you.

The people come from all sorts of backgrounds. I have met doctors, lawyers, bankers, students (curiously a lot of PhDs), plumbers – in fact every sort of person imaginable who, apart from wanting to talk, have their own stories and good things to share in conversation.

Go do it is my recommendation, you will have fun for sure and meet some great people!

Come along and network with the lovely people of Franglish!

Franglish is now in Nice and Antibes


Hotel Boscolo Plaza (B4 Nice Plaza)
12, avenue de Verdun
06000 Nice

Tel: 04 93 16 75 75

Check in here on foursquare

Hôtel Ambassadeur
50, avenue des Sables
06160 Antibes

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All images © Mike Colquhoun (except franglish card image courtesy franglish Facebook page)


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