Simple, tasteful, classy, unpretentious and lovely to be around – yes, it could be me, I know, but it’s really the Rosalina Bar in Nice!

Located on rue Lascaris, just a couple of blocks north of the Port, stands the Rosalina Bar. What a great place, what a super (in France the word is still in use) place to eat, chat, drink and generally idle the evening away. It is increasingly becoming the place of choice by those who know where to hang out.

The Rosalina is very like the chic, slightly bohemian place you find in the trendier gentrified areas of NYC and London. What is good is the fact it is accessible and it is affordable. The food is good even though you may have to wait a while at busy times – like everywhere else, Le Local in particular – the food is worth the wait.

If things get too bad you can always get something snackwise to tide you over. On the flip side there is no pressure at all to leave, you are there for as long as you want to be – great.

Comfy seating at Rosalina Bar in Nice

The interior of the Rosalina Bar in Nice

Inside, what do you get? There are some sofa-based areas which are best for nibbles, cocktails and chatting. Then there are the tables in a long line that seem rather spartan at first, in a strange way this and the lofty interior sort of transforms the place into something different once installed – the fact people go back so regularly is a sure indicator that it all works! Comfortable is a good word.

The wall become a moving feast in Rosalina Bar in Nice

The décor is great, a little bit funky with quite a bit of loft thrown in. One feature that keeps me amused is the continuous projector, displaying images on one of the walls (try to grab a table that keep this in your line of vision) that displays images from old photographs, posters which really triggers all sorts of thoughts, it can certainly helps aid a flagging conversation.

More of the interesting décor in the Rosalina Bar in Nice

The external seating area of the Rosalina Bar in Nice

Staff wise they are fine. Professional without being sour. Attentive without being bothersome – bear in mind the attentiveness may have gaps due to the popular nature of the place. They are approachable and helpful even though they are stretched at peak times. The management does care about you, very reassuring.

So, do I recommend it? Tough one as if I tell you it is great then you will recommend it to others and it will get even more popular … oh heck, yes, of course I recommend it!!  

Rosalina Bar
16, rue Lascaris
06300 Nice

Tel: 04 93 89 34 96

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All photographs © Mike Colquhoun



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