The Moiseyev Dance Company promise to take you on a truly incredible journey, without leaving the comfort of your seat!

Considered by many as the world’s greatest folk dance troupe, the company, which bears the name of its now departed founder, Igor Moiseyev, offers a unique mixture of classic and folk dancing that is hard to beat. For 90 minutes, the 70 dancers, all ballet-trained and wearing colourful costumes, will perform 14 flamboyant works that combine elements of acrobatic flexibility and theatrical staging.

If nowadays the company still flourishes under the artistic direction of Elena Shcherbakova, and keeps on adding to its repertoire of more than 200 choreographies inspired by cultures from throughout the former Soviet Union and many of the sixty-plus countries the troupe has visited, one should not forget the man who was at the helm of this dancing phenomenon.

Moiseyev Dance Company in action

Born in Ukraine in 1906 to a Russian lawyer and a French-Romanian seamstress, Moiseyev was the Ballet Master of the Bolshoi Theatre, when he was asked by the Soviet government in 1936 to organize the first Festival of National Dance.

A year later, Moiseyev had put together a small ensemble of just 40 dancers and created a new classical dance form grounded in the folk tradition, thanks to his background in formal style of ballet and his keen sense of observation. The success was immediate and by 1938, the company had grown to 100 professional dancers and offered works that represented even the most remote areas of the Soviet Union.


Its reputation quickly spread throughout the world, when the company started touring extensively around the globe after the end of the Cold War. No longer just a glory of the Soviet regime, Moiseyev’s troop had become one of the world’s most revered dance companies.

The Moiseyev Dance Company will perform at 8pm on the 7th of March at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice. Tickets range in price from 38€ to 53€ and can be purchased on

Palais Nikaïa
163, route de Grenoble
06200 Nice

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