Le Glam nightclub in Nice has played a big part in the local LGBT community for the best part of five years, and is truly worth checking out!

It’s not as though the nightclub Glam needs the publicity or anything like that – afterall, they must be doing something right, as it is busy every weekend without fail. My friends and I have had so much fun here anytime we’ve been, that I feel it’s worth introducing the club to the uninitiated!

This is one of those rare nightclubs that never disappoints, or lacks in vibe and energy; it’s a place where everyone is smiling and interacting with one another, and where posing and full on attitude seems to be swept aside. You cannot help but have fun here!

Happy punters at Glam in Nice

The action heating up at Glam

Glam is a large space with a high ceiling and cool lighting, leaving you with a sense of being in an art gallery, albeit one that is packed with people dancing and having a great time.

Inside the club you will notice there is of course a dancefloor, a superb sound system with beats coming from the DJ booth in the far right corner, and the main bar is to your left near the middle of the club, with plenty of other areas to congregate or cruise around the space.

The bar area itself is always busy, but the attentive and hunky (usually shirtless) male staff certainly know how to take care of the crowd with ease.

Perhaps one secret to Glam’s success may be that it consistently has a variety of events that are as diverse as their clientèle and cater to every segment of the LGBT community. It’s not unusual to see drag queens, twinks, men in leather, lesbians and bear groups all together and having a great time, and of course straight people are welcome to join in the mix as well.

European Beardrop competition in Glam in Nice

Events such as the European Beardrop, House Master Night, and the Gay Tea Dance, help bring in the crowds, along with DJ’s such as: Mademoiselle Lucy, Sebastien Coda, and Tommy Marcus, to name a few.

It seems no matter what time of year it is, the owners of Glam are doing a fantastic job of keeping things fresh and fun for everyone! And long may it last!

Le Glam Nightclub
6, rue Eugène Emanuel
06000 Nice

Tel: 04 93 87 29 67

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All images courtesy Le Glam Nightclub


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