Entrepôt Gallery and Art-Box Store are happy to present their third collective exhibition: ALL SHADES OF ART

In these difficult pandemic times, we try to celebrate the art and provide greater exposure to the individual artists. The exhibition presents over 20 international creators living in Monaco and the South of France – they range from self-taught to experienced, fine arts professionals. Their individual creative techniques differ across a wide spectrum.

Artworks range from the sincere to the ironic, from the figurative to the abstract from the colorful to the sombre …. in short: ALL SHADES OF ART. The International University of Monaco gives a helping hand in organising the exhibition and promoting the artists.

Golec& Golec, a duo of polish artists, based in Théoule in the South of France. Not at all conventional and with strong convictions, their art universe is spontaneous, creative and generous. Both fine technicians (frescoes like the ones in Chèvre d’Or in Èze , trompe l’œil, experts in ancient techniques) and unclassifiable artist-colourists (painting, sculpture, furniture, jewelry), here is a unique duo. A rare and refreshing creative wealth, mixing humour and fantasy, which cannot be ignored… and that is the goal!

Carol Bruton studied art at the Bellas Artes de Madrid, the Camden Arts Centre, London and the Edinburgh College of Art. The inspiration for her paintings are the images that she sees floating on the surface of the sea. The combination of sky, clouds and the movement of the water create the translucent lozenges of colour. She then uses a number of fine brushes (sometimes 600!) to paint a blend of pigments into the glass effect medium.

Christine Franceschini art work

Christine Franceschini is an artist of English origin who has lived in Monaco since 1972. Art is her passion and in 2003 she started with ceramics and then she concentrated on oil painting.Her artistic approach is to focus on portrait and still life. In 2007, she won the first grand prize in the international exhibition Pittura for her work „Le Regard” Member of the National Monegasque AIAP Committee at UNESCO, she regularly participates in exhibitions in Monaco and abroad: Japan, Liechtenstein, two from a long list. A selection of her work is in private collections in Spain, England, France, Germany, USA, China,Canada and Monaco. SAS Prince Albert of Monaco loves and owns her paintings in his collection . She is Canadian lives in Beaulieu

The exhibition will be accompanied on Saturday 24th of April at 2pm by a musical performance by artists from Monaco International Performing Arts Centre (MIPAC) and Golden Voices of Monaco

The Entrepôt Galley & Art-Box is located at 22 Rue de Millo, 98000 Monaco


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All images courtesy Entrepôt Galley & Art-Box Store

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