The big C is everywhere around us, taking millions of lives each year. Each one of us will unfortunately be affected by the disease in some way.

Just think of all the people around you, family members, friends, co-workers or even just acquaintances who have fought and beat cancer or those who have lost that battle. It is a harsh and painful reality, it is unfair as the disease strikes randomly, affecting older people as well as young children, or even babies. But the good news is that medical research is making tremendous progress on a daily basis. And we can all contribute to this effort.

Monetary donations are indeed always welcome, volunteering in an association helping sick people is a nice gesture, but not everybody necessarily has the money or the time to do it. However, if you want to do something and have a musical talent of any kind, be it playing music or having a nice voice, you can now show your support for cancer research by posting a personal short video on the Facebook page Music’ALL contre le cancer (Music’All against cancer) launched by the ARC foundation. Set up in 2012, this association is the first one in France to be a 100% dedicated to cancer research and is goal is to heal 2 out 3 cancers ten years from now, thanks to the generosity of its donors.


The initiative is really simple: Just record yourself playing a song in any language or a musical piece and then email it to the Arc Foundation. Once it is validated, your video will be posted on the Facebook page for everybody to see and will be one of, hopefully, many messages of support. You really do not have to be a professional to participate. You can simply be one of those people who likes to sing in the shower!

The video however, needs to be short, from a few seconds to 2 minutes, and will have to start with the following message: “Aujourd’hui, je joue / je chante pour soutenir la recherche sur le cancer” (Today, I am playing/singing to support cancer research).

This creative initiative will only require a few minutes of your time but it will be a very nice and easy way to show all those fighting cancer and all the researchers trying to find a cure, that they are not alone and that people are getting together against this awful disease.

Fondation ARC cancer research

All images courtesy Fondation ARC Facebook page



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