Russian-born and now based in Bordighera on the Italian Riviera, Evgenia Zukur is quickly becoming the go-to name for stylish and fashionable creations that have fired imaginations locally!

It is no coincidence that successful women such as stay-at-home mothers or those in business, rarely look disheveled. Taking care of yourself and investing in your appearance sends a positive message about who you are and how you want to be treated: “I’m at the top of my game — I get it. Listen to me.”

It is important that you not only look good, but feel comfortable too. If you can’t move, sit, or walk comfortably in your dress, you will look awkward in outward appearance and will constantly fuss about your clothing, rather than being able to enjoy the activities at hand.

So, are you searching for some style inspiration? Russian born Evgenia Zukur provides a très chic mix of outfit inspiration, giving us great variety with something to please every kind of fashion-conscious consumer. She mixes up an ultra-feminine style with classic staples, all with a quirky twist. My go-to for dreamy dresses and dazzling prints!

Evgenia Tsukur

J.Zukur designs

Evgenia Zukur later moved to the Czech Republic before settling in Bordighera in Italy. She tells us: “I believe that clothes that look contemporary in shape and colour are also fashionable. It’s most important for the clothes to be comfortable and elegant. I am not into excesses and over-decoration. I work for all types of women, from young and petite to middle-aged, full-bodied or those having non-standard body types.”

She continues “I am very appreciative of the feedback of my clients, who say that the dress, blouse, or pants fit well to the body, hide imperfections and emphasize the advantages. I painstakingly pick fabrics and accessories, I also create my own designs for the embroideries or prints.”

Evgenia already has a number of regular customers who continually buy from the new collections and recommend her clothes to their friends. So far, she says, all of them have been happy, thanking her for the high quality and festive look of her clothes.

Our fabulous models step out of the dreary colours of winter and into the fun and liberating pastel colours of spring, as can be seen from the selection of outfits that we have put together above, that will be perfect right into the the summer season.

In Bordighera, she has partnered with Monika Pallanca, and they have an atelier cum showroom located at Corso Europa 44.

Feel free to call the atelier on 00 39 375 555 3943 or email to make an appointment. And fear not, the ladies are multilingual, speaking Russian, Czech, English, Italian, and French – so, no excuses!

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”
– Coco Chanel

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Corso Europa 44
18012 Bordighera

Tel: 00 39 375 555 3943

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All photos courtesy Evgenia Zukur and Monika Pallanca

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