Going to a polo match in Monaco, which shoes would you choose? And no, this is not for the guys – flip-flops and socks? Never a good look.

 A veritable bevy of swankily dressed ladies turned up for the event at Stade Vanco in Beausoleil to enjoy the first ever Monte-Carlo polo tournament to the sound of champagne corks and intelligent conversation.

On the fashion front, it was amazing, though the shoes being worn really were the main event. It was asked of me why take photos of the shoes, which comment I addressed on more than one occasion, gazing into the eyes of an absolutely stunning, smiling face (gulp), by saying that your beauty has already been captured by the other photographers – of which there were scads! Not sure they bought it although it proved a great line to start a conversation … moving away from the point, sorry.

An array of footwear at the Monaco Polo tournament 2013

Where did you get those shoes? That was my question. The ones with the Coco Chanel logo told their own story, they don’t do a budget range. Those that look like the Apollo’s wings or maybe those of Icarus drew the most attention, never did get a response – my Russian is not good – actually, it is non-existant. The others that were amazing came from D&G in London, my suspicion is they cost a small fortune.

More delectable footwear from the polo tournament in Monaco

So, there you are, all the notable shoes from the polo event in Monaco. Check out the photos on our Facebook page, tag them, and let’s see what happens!!

The chukka continues - Sport of Kings, Polo that is!

All photographs © Mike Colquhoun


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