Some say that there is no fashion in Nice, how wrong the ‘some’ are! Fashion is alive and kicking, especially amongst the younger generation.

There are an increasing number of good Niçoise boutiques that are springing up, catering for a new generation with some great ideas that would sit happily in Paris or London, both in clothing and ambiance. This fact was certainly evidenced by the recent Riviera Fashion Show evening at the Hôtel Ellington in the centre of Nice.

Boutiques like L’Homme Garibaldi and a dozen others provided the clothes and styling advice, together with local make-up artists. Students from the University of Nice provided the clothes horses, sorry models. The students come from the DUT Technique section and so have a keen eye for style. The fashion is strutted out in great style down the long red carpet that is the catwalk in front of a full house of fashionistas!

This is the 4th year for the fashion show. Each time it is amazing to see how the show is put together by the young talented organisers, and how professional it feels; it is far from an amateurish production. The salon used for the catwalk at the Ellington is elegant and very chic, and the show lives up to that elegance with style, character and panache.

As always the show is put on in aid of a charity, this year in aid of Le Chemin des Rêves who provide vacations for handicapped children to Disneyland. What a delightful and warming initiative.

A wonderful evening!

Hôtel Ellington fashion show
Featured Boutiques and Partners for the event:

L’Homme Garibaldi // 5 rue Cassini, Nice
La Rue C’est Chic // 14 rue Tonduti de l’Escarène, Nice
Club Confidences // online boutique
Un Temps D’avril Nice // 38 rue Pastorelli, Nice
Il Etait Une Fois // 20 rue Michel Ange, Nice
Abaka // 6 rue de France, Nice
Polly & Cie // 6 avenue du Ray, Nice
Eléa Lingerie // 20 rue Borriglione, Nice
Hype Shoes // 13 rue Masséna, Nice
ONZ, jeune marque parisienne
Make Up For Ever Academy Nice // 11 rue Maccarani, Nice
Enjoy Models Management // 27 Avenue Jean Médecin, Nice 

Hôtel Ellington in Nice
Hôtel Ellington
25 Boulevard Dubouchage
06000 Nice

Tel : + 33 (0)4 92 47 79 79


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All photos © Mike Colquhoun except photo of hotel facade © Hôtel Ellington

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