On Saturday, September 30th, 2023, the LGBTQIA+ community in Marseille celebrates its 30th anniversary of Pride.

This is the opportunity for locals and visitors alike to join together to show support for one another in equal rights, and social justice, and to support victims of discrimination and LGBTIphobia in France.

Fierté Marseille is the organization that takes care of not only all the work involved in planning for Pride every year, but they are also in charge of the future LGBTQIA+ Centre being established in Marseille.

Pride Marseille 2023

Pride Marseille 2023

Pride Marseille 2023

Pride Marseille 2023

This year, the Pride parade will start its route at the Porte d’Aix at 14h where everyone will then make their way through the streets of Marseille celebrating moments of Pride while also peacefully protesting towards Vieux-Port with the final point of gathering to be on the Quai du Port at approximately 17h.

Have a safe and supportive Pride event, everyone!

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All images courtesy Pride Marseille

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