In a real first for not just the city of Nice, but for the whole country of France, comes the premier of Lou Queernaval this February!

Held every February, the historic Nice Carnival has been a tradition in the French Riviera for well over 100 years and is the second largest carnival in the world after the Rio Carnival.

When this time of year approaches, it’s not unusual for the city to receive a mid-winter boom to tourism with in excess of a million visitors during the two weeks of carnival celebrations, but in 2015 this program will get a whole lot more colourful!

Fundraiser for Lou Queernaval 2015

Lou Queernaval is a free event being brought together by key members of the local LGBTQI associations and for the first time they are working with the organizers to play a extensive part in the carnival for the February 27th Queernaval date.

The Queernaval event will showcase a natural camaraderie held in the community by being a component to the Nice Carnival festivities!

The events surrounding the days and nights of the Nice Carnival always put the city in a festive mood with its vast displays of costumes and massive floats, and the famous batailles de fleurs that take place, celebrating the spirit of this exceptionally beautiful and forward thinking city.

Fundraiser for Lou Queernaval 2015

And you can bet that as the date approaches, not only with Lou Queernaval be a spectacular event in which to attend but members of the LGBTQI community will be planning all kinds of special parties surrounding this most memorable moment in Nice Carnival history.

Stay tuned as more information becomes available!

Fundraiser for Lou Queernaval 2015


All images courtesy Lou Queernaval




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