The new bus and tram fares being introduced by Lignes d’Azur come into effect in the region tomorrow – time to say goodbye to the €1 fare.

Starting tomorrow, Friday 3rd May 2013, the new bus and tram fares are being introduced on the Lignes d’Azur network. The €1 Solo fare, which was introduced in 2008 and has proven to be hugely popular, now increases to €1.50 per ticket.

Other fares that are affected include the ParcAzur ticket which increases from €2 to €3, the one day pass increases by €1 to €5 (the new daily pass is valid for 24 hours from the time of your first validation on bus or tram), but some good news, the weekly pass, valid for 7 days, remains at €15. The price of a10 journey ticket also remains unchanged at €10 per ticket. Monthly and annual subscribers will not be subject to these increases.

However, the daily and weekly passes cannot be used anymore for travel to the airport. A new Aéro ticket is being introduced, which will cost €6 for a one-way journey on the 98 or 99 bus lines, and is valid for travel for 74 minutes.

Lignes d'Azur introduce new fares in Nice and the region

Of course, you can avail of some savings by boxing clever: consider taking the 23 or 52 buses from Nice to the airport for €1.50, or use a 10 journey ticket or your monthly or annual Lignes d’Azur pass for ParcAzur to avail of the original parking rates. 

If you have a Solo ticket that you purchased for €1 or a €4 daily pass, please note that these will not be valid for travel from Friday, 3rd May. You will be able to exchange them for a new valid échange ticket at the Lignes d’Azur agency in Place Masséna at no extra cost.


Tickets are available for purchase from the Lignes d’Azur agencies, on board buses, or from the ticket machines at each tram stop. 


Agence Lignes d’Azur
3, place Masséna
06000 Nice

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Agence Lignes d’Azur
4, bd. Jean Jaurès
06300 Nice

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