You too can exercise your right to vote in the upcoming elections next year in France, and have your say as to who you want to see in power.

Our friends in Riviera Radio have just launched a major campaign encouraging listeners to register to vote at their town hall before the end of the year, in order to be eligible to participate in the local elections on 23rd and 30th March 2014 and the European elections on 25th May 2014.

For the next month, they are inviting listeners who are EU citizens and who live on the French Riviera to get involved and exercise their right to vote in the local and EU elections. These are the only elections in France in which they are eligible to vote.

All you need to do is contact your local Mairie or register online before 31st December 2013. Be warned, though, the online registration process may take up to 15 minutes to complete (oh, the honesty of the bureaucrat!) — this may, however, be somewhat quicker than a trip to your local Mairie!

Mon Service Public French website

Make sure that you have digital copies of all the required documentation before starting the online process, including your passport or other recognised identification papers, proof of address, and a sworn statement as to your eligibility to vote.

We too join with Riviera Radio, the English-language radio station for the Côte d’Azur, in its commitment to the public service role of helping people integrate. There is a sizeable community of English-speaking EU citizens who have settled in the region.

And it’s not just us who are conscious of the importance of the elections — the incumbent Mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, just today launched his new website for his 2014 electoral campaign!

Christian Estrosi 2014 electoral website

Lead image credit: flybird163 / 123RF Stock Photo


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